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  • A community of early adopters that understand blockchain and the advances in Healthcare IT will revolutionize the healthcare system.
  • Medicine will need to find ways to securely manage the Tsunami of data required to bring the silos of fee for service Medicine today into the secure dating sharing, care coordination, value-based care of tomorrow.
  • WBA wants to highlight the Healthcare IT and Blockchain companies that are transforming and transitioning Medicine into a brighter future of more secure, efficient, decentralized streamlined care. Quite simply at BlockchainFreshMD, we want to put a bullhorn and spotlight on all your hard work. Yes! we just want to get the conversations started.
  • WBA understands the future will be about a Global Healthcare Industry promoting all activities of physical and mental wellbeing including healthy eating, preventative health maintenance, yoga, meditation as well as restorative care after an illness, cancer or age-related causes. In a secure, safe transparent and trusted ecosystem.
  • The Wellness Industry will certainly be some of the leaders and innovators taking us into that bright future.
  • If you have received an invitation for listing please RSVP by the date let us put you in the spotlight be a part of…Medicine’s New Awakening!

Join The Awakening!

Lighting A Path Of Wellness On The Blockchain

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