Telemedicine From Transformation To Digital Explosion!

Telemedicine From Transformation To Digital Explosion!

If you thought Telemedicine digitally transformed healthcare? Just wait to see what else is on the horizon, because honestly things are just starting to digitally heat up!

 With digital records on the blockchain made easier with the 21 Century Cures act and Federal mandates giving patients access to those records within days. Or how about clinical appointments in the Metaverse. I think looking ahead we can safely say the digital runway in healthcare is long and winding and were just getting started. 

Dr. Faith Whittier joins Jim Blasingame to report on the increasing demand and supply of telemedicine as we move forward out of the pandemic, and that this has exposed broadband connectivity holes across America.

Fast Forward

It has been about a year since I sat down to chat with Jim Blasingame on the Small Business Advocate Show (love love his show!) Discussing telemedicine and its explosion during the pandemic (first quarter of 2020 we saw a 154% rise in telehealth visits). At the time many of us were still in lockdown, death rates were soaring, and vaccines were still in warp speed on the heels of rollout.

So, for many a clinic visit to a potentially infected waiting room was more than many wanted to risk. Fast forward today, with vaccines in booster mode, some restrictions lifted and many back to work. We are perhaps pausing on scheduling a knee jerk telemedicine visit. Instead, taking a more thoughtful approach on our healthcare decisions. Deciding just what type of clinic visit might be worth having a non-face to face. Although, we have not continued to see the same meteorite rise in telemedicine visits replacing clinic visits as we did in 2020. We can anticipate that this relatively new technology is here to stay, with steady growth and mass adoption on the horizon. When it will be second nature deciding whether the follow-up, preop, or lab result appointment makes more digital or in person sense fitting into our busy lifestyle.

Digital Explosion

But one word of caution, just don’t get too comfortable because the digital explosion in healthcare is just getting started. From owning your own digital records on the blockchain, accessing healthcare products and services across the globe using cryptocurrency, or having a virtual clinic visit with your avatar in the metaverse. These will be just some of the changes following in the steps of telemedicine making their mark in healthcare. And if we have learned anything from telemedicine’s rapid rise. Then my guess is these changes won’t be gradual but might feel more like a digital explosion you’re running to keep up with, so buckle up!

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