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Prevenative Medicine……Innovative change! LightworkerMD OSTA3 POC
LightworkerMD and OSTA3 Imagining a health care system that promotes health!

As we come to the end of the OSTA3 challenge and present here our POC for Lightworker MD network. We are only just beginning our journey of change, creating a platform that promotes disease prevention, health, and wellbeing at the forefront of our mission.

1. What problem does your project solve for and what was the user need for creating your token economy?

2. What was your key goal behind doing the challenge?
I have often been inspired by a famous quote from my late Grandfather Jay Otto Garland M.D. who was a Family Practitioner in Michigan in the 1940’s.  ” Don’t wait for someone to do something for you get up and do it your self” As Physicians it is important now more than ever for us to be unapologetic and solution driven to the problems we see on a daily basis in today’s healthcare system. Patients and practitioners are often caught in a maze of nonsensical and at times harmful practices. Such as prescribing addictive narcotics for pain control while unable to consider a safe evidenced-based alternative such as Acupuncture because it’s a non covered expense. We must not be silent but instead proactive leaders for advocating change in a broken healthcare system. A goal, passion, and vision behind Lightworker MD network.

3. How did you plan for the design for your wallet feature? Without a coding background ease of functionality was a major objective. The API’s are easy to implement with the integration of JAVA and Javascript applications. Being able to show users their token balances, a viewable ledger with all their transactions was exciting to see how easy it was to accomplish.

4. What did you like about using these API’s? First and foremost I liked the quick adaptability of the API’s, for example, obtaining user information was simplified.  The wallet and ledger API allowed us to get streamlined data with reduced coding. As we forge ahead with infrastructure and adaptation of our network the ease of onboarding our members will be crucial.  The simplicity of the system will allow us to focus on the core of our mission.

5. How did you plan for the design for your wallet features?
In designing the new wallet features, we’ve learned although a basic knowledge of coding is needed focusing on the user and how future integration might be adapted should be the focal point.   A system needs to have it’s user’s in mind when designing their infrastructure so that it creates a system that is efficient and easily adaptable. With the burden of overdependence on electronic medical records creating simplification for users rather than complexity was important.

We would like to extend our thanks and sincere gratitude to the OST team for the opportunity to be a part of your extraordinary vision for innovative change. We look forward to partnering with you and believe tokenization can bring positive creativity and enhanced engagement to a platform promoting preventative health.

Are you missing out on preventative healthcare?   blockchain is disrupting multiple industries including healthcare!
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photo- Micheal Aleo courtesy Unsplash

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