Omega 3 food…. 5 ways to add Omega 3 to your diet!

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Omega 3 food…. 5 ways to add Omega 3 to your diet!

Research has been pretty clear about some really great health benefits of Omega3 be sure to ask your Physician about the good resources and benefits at your next Wellness visit!

  • Lowering triglycerides and improving Cardiovascular health
  • Decreasing Inflammation and improving joint mobility
  • Improved mood stabilization some research has shown Omega 3 can improve depressed and anxious mood
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis some studies suggest may improve stiffness and joint pain 
  • Alzheimer and dementia some studies show it may have a positive protective preventative effect as well as improve memory loss associated with aging

Here are 5 great food sources to think of when adding Omega 3 to your diet:

  1. King and other Wild caught Salmon
  2. Sardines
  3. Flaxseed
  4. Walnuts
  5. Soybeans

Check out my video on some helpful tips on Omega 3 

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Looking for some heart-healthy tips? We’ve got you covered check out these additional resources:The Facts on Omega 3 Fatty acidsOmega 3 Fatty acids benefits, uses and list of foods

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