New Technology for the future..Totally out of my comfort zone!

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New Technology for the future..Totally out of my comfort zone!

Ost Alpha 3….. What, Me?  LOL! .. Just humor me for a second. I ’m a Physician talk to me about Vitals, H&P’s, Pap smears, X-rays and hormones and you’ll find me in my comfort zone my love for sure. Talk to me about Blockchain, Digital wallets and RESTful API’s and I’ll tell you comfort is nowhere to be found ….but thank God passion and love stuck around! This is about me giving myself permission to explore the “loves” that I know little or nothing about, yes the future of Blockchain impacting my world would certainly make that list. Learning to cherish the exploration of those  “passions” and most importantly enjoying the JOURNEY while setting myself free from the worry and fear of the DESTINATION!

This week OST announced they were introducing OST Kit Alpha3: Embedded Wallet lite challenge. As a practicing Physician, I am convinced  Blockchain will disrupt the healthcare Industry. When it does I want to have the opportunity to be a part of the change as it happens, rather than a deer in the headlight blindsided overwhelmed scrammbling to figure out where I fit in. As an Integrative specialist, expanding access to care and resources toward Integrative Modalities is truly one of my passions. Building a community with our own branded token “LWMD” through the OST kit would allow our plateform to increase community engagement, growth, education and access to Integrative services globally. My proof of Concept “LightworkerMD network” is seeking to connect practitioners around the globe as well as growing a community that values Integrative Medicine practices as a vital part of their healthcare and wellbeing.
I will be posting my JOURNEY and highlighting my challenges so, please follow me out of my comfort zone to a destination unknown! 1. Progress this week:  The challenge is a Month long so I can’t help but feel like a blockchain version of “chopped”. I’m happy to say I have successfully registered for the challenge I’m whitelisted and ready to begin! 2. This week I learned that I just might need to pull an all-nighter learning about RESTful API luckily it won’t be my first. I am also working on a revision of my website that can properly incorporate the features of the wallet. 3. Next week I will be reaching out to existing partners to share the challenge. Inviting them to come aboard learn and be a part of Blockchain technology while the waters are still calm!

Week1: A  deep dive into the unknown!  It’s not about the complexity of perfection rather the simplicity of authenticity!
Photo: Ian Schneider Unsplash

Totally out of your comfort zone? You’re not alone! follow me as I navigate through OST’s alpha 3 Blockchain POC challenge! stepping-outside-your-comfort-zoneOvercoming-fear-10-ways-to-outside-your-comfort zone ;OSTa3

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