Live Your Best Midlife! Start Doing These 3 Things

Live Your Best Midlife! Start Doing These 3 Things

Are You Living Your Best Midlife?

You’ve heard the phrase before, “Living Your Best Midlife” it’s catchy, so maybe that’s what caught your eye. But wait, before you click away in case you stumbled here surfing the net. I just wanted to ask

Are You Living Your Best Midlife?  

Chances are you landed on this page because you’re somewhere in the throws of midlife or maybe even in the deeper throws of Midlife’s Madness? Perhaps you’ve  been “waiting” for that best life to just happen? Well, you guessed it, my point exactly, it won’t just happen. That’s right, your “best life” is on pause in the “universe” just waiting for YOU to hit the play button. If your like me a bit bruised and banged up after some of life’s monster jabs. And deciding midlife just might be the perfect time as Shonda Rhimes so eloquently put it, to just say YES well then congratulations on a great start to doing you! 

My boat like many mid-lifers has been  parked for years at the dock of “obligations” “must do’s” and “have to’s” firmly anchored down by doubt, fear and worry. Finally, frankly for me it had gotten to be a bit much. Realizing, to start my journey to my best midlife the first face of courage and change I needed to see in the mirror was mine.

My mission? simple, getting my ship unhooked sailing again in those “me” waters, waves of the likes I probably haven’t felt since my toddler days when it really was all about me.  Diving in deep coming up for glimpses of “brave” sunlit streaks, allowing myself to freely feel the heat of “daring faith” breathing in air of “hope and courage” rays of reassurances that these might be some of my best days yet, realizing in midlife, I just might be living my best life!

First, Freely Do You!

1. Start just doing you!– OK, I know that took you for a loop. Conditioned for so long to be super attentive to everyone else’s needs. Thus the term “super mom” now in midlife this proposition of “you” seems a bit awkward, at best. Trust me I get it. But just let yourself  sit in the concept for a moment, some good stuff I know. Because yes your just doing you right now. Not the kids, spouse, grand kids, or job because I am sure, for goodness sake, you have quite the to do list for every last one of them.

But what about you? can you even remember the last time you just did you? read a good book, dirtied your hands in the garden, explored nature, had a massage or a quiet candlelit bath releasing the days stress?

No worries, your not alone if that’s any consolation, but probably not. But definitely no harping here, this pity party is over we got things to do. So grab a pen and paper and jot down just 3 things you love doing, easy peesie your thinking. OK, don’t have your 3 yet? and your a bit surprised its not on the tip of your tongue? I’m not. Because it’s really no wonder  you’ve probably been rocking and rolling making it happen for everyone else around you. The spouse, boss, kids, friends, dog and the pet hamster to name a few. And you clearly have nothing left, let’s just say your toast, spent, drained most of the time with absolutely nothing left to just do you. 

What Are Three Things You Love Doing?

Still working on your three? I do understand, no sweat, tenacity is no stranger to you. My guess is your digging down deep, and fiercely determined. Now, jot them down put them on your very own to do list, now smile:) because nobody’s on the list but you. And picture yourself feeling the joy of these things as you write them down.

OK, this treasured list cannot get buried on your computer or in the middle pages of your journal you pick up ever blue moon. Instead, post it boldly as a gentle (really not so gentle) reminder to the one’s around you that “me” time has jumped up on your priority list.

Surprisingly, when you decide to set firm boundaries how others will begin to respect them.  Get in at least one per week, for starters, remember the “me, yes’ ” might be slow at first. Once the tsunami kicks in and those yes’ are rolling in fast and furious feel free to do a part of you everyday. Because remember, doing something for you everyday, is what? living your best midlife! 

Second, Cleanup Up The Energy In Your MidLife!

2. Eliminate  Energy Hijackers– Code for the people and things in your life that suck the living life out of you. Surprisingly, for most of us a list easier to make and a lot longer than the list of things you love doing. Why? because those people and things always manage to find a way to latch on for dear life. They maybe at work, home, people you love or tolerate or just can’t stand. Are they popping up left and right in your mind as your reading this? created a pit in your stomach thinking about them? wind knocked out of your sail? then those are energy hijackers.

Let’s be clear here some simply need to be let go. The toxic job, “love” relationships or the energy sapping “friends” to name a few. The rest you lovingly decide to keep in your life will need firm instructions. That your energy is not a “free space” used and drained at will rather an “occupied space” demanding love, boundaries and respect.  

Third, Daily Affirmations & Supplements!

You Got This!

Surprised you with that combo? At least together, I know. But it’s a winning combo for me I like to call them my “midlife additions”. In our younger OK youthful days because midlife ain’t old for sure. We could cut corners with diet, exercise and sleep for many of us living life by the seat of our pants, was kinda the norm. Let’s just say living on the edge didn’t leave quite the lasting impression as it does today. A daily affirmation can help us stay focused, feel uplifted, and task oriented and maybe the best part is some real science to back it up.

Why supplements? well lets just say aging is not only what your seeing in the mirror. But a gradual process occurring throughout the body. And perhaps father time is a little more strict these days. He can certainly be a little less forgiving of our indiscretion’s of poor diet, lack of sleep, and stressful lifestyles. Supplements can in some instances add some real benefits in enhancing some of the body’s functionality as we age. But before you start adding remember supplements should be individualized. So check with your clinician to make sure what you have chosen is right for you.

Dr. Faith’s Favorite Supplements For Midlife’s Madness!

Last but not least let me tell you why these are some of my favs.

1. Fish Oil EPA- Studies Suggest DHA &Rich EPA Fish Oils helps boost our Immune System. Today As We All Stay Vigilant Fighting Covid-19 Adding The Right Fish Oil Can Certainly Go A Long Way To Giving Your Immune System A Boost In The Fight!

2. Vitamin D- Vitamin D Deficiency Can Increase Risk of Alzheimer and Dementia Helping You Stay Sharp As We Age. It Also Boost Your Immune System.

3. Tru Niagen- Contains NAD Essential Part Of Energy Production In Our Cells. The Kicker Is We Lose 50% of NAD Between The Age Of 40-50. No wonder We All Seem To Have A Few More Sluggish Days.

Enjoyed these 3 Tips On Living Your Best Midlife? Check Out These Additional Pearls In Helping You Through Midlife’s Madness!

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