Learning to Meditate tackling the stress!…..Week 3 OSTA3

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Learning to Meditate tackling the stress!…..Week 3 OSTA3

Meditating this week has been key for mitigating my stress as I burrow through week 3 of OSTA3 challenge. For those of you following my blog, you are aware that LightworkerMD network is building an Integrative Medicine platform partnering with OST  using Blockchain technology. Yes, you guessed it somewhat outside the parameters of practicing Medicine! So meditation was key this week getting me through it all. It has worked so well that as this school year quickly approaches I’ll be introducing meditation to my teenagers and will share with you some of the benefits of meditating with your kids.
Most kids and teenagers today are digitally overloaded blockchain technology will certainly accelerate this trend. We are already seeing the effects of this digital age with higher rates of stress, anxiety and attention deficit on the rise amongst many of our kids today. Here are few benefits of adding  meditation, deep breathing and mindfulness to your child’s daily routine:

  • Improved Concentration
  • Reduced Stress
  • Increased self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Improved Sleep
  • A bolstered Immune system with a reduction in colds amongst teenagers that meditate
  • Improved concentration and better Grades      

Now back to a few of my stressors this week daily meditation   added some definite calm  and excitement to the week while working on infrastructure for  LightworkerMD network in the OSTA3 challenge we were pleased with the progress and made some significant strides here are some highlights :

1.  Progress made this week with Alpha 3- We needed to spend more time on the basic functionality of the website. Having a clear understanding of how our community would navigate through the site managing and integrating  OST in background coding applications as well as setting up exciting capabilities for webinars, consultations and peer to peer interactions

2. We had a few issues getting our minting underway as we were initially unable to connect MetaMask( A bridge that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow) The support staff at OST were quick to navigate us through the issues we had and minting our token got off with a breeze

3. This week we will be finalizing backend coding shooting and editing video pulling together our vision to present in the final POC video.
If you like these mindfulness tips #yoga meditation for kids please continue to follow us at  LightworkerMD on the blockchain with  OST!#osta3

meditating with your kids this school year? check out these additional resources;How to get kids to meditate,3 kid friendly meditations your kids will love;Science shows meditation benefits childrens’ brains and behavior
photo by jyotirmoy courtesy Unsplash

Faith Whittier M.D.

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