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Imposter Syndrome..Week 2 OSTA3
Smashing pumpkins week 2 OSTA3

Imposter syndrome can be defined as a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success”
OST A3 ok, yes! probably a symptom of my “imposter syndrome” but they tell me acknowledgment is the first step to recovery.  This is week 2 and I’m in the weeds for sure, full disclosure and transparency nothing less and thankfully some reassurance from OST. That “OST is developing the essential blockchain infrastructure and toolkit for businesses. No blockchain development experience needed” Confirmation that helps take some of the sting out of this imposter thing! Bringing LightworkerMD network to completion will certainly be a testament that not only is no blockchain experience needed it’s about your will, desire, perseverance, and determination to take your business to the next level that matters in the end. This week I felt like our team was like two smashing pumpkins we were both busy scurrying with full-time jobs, elder care, shuttles to football practices and on top of it all trying to jump-start the platform for Lightworker MD network. What is LWMD network? I’m glad you asked! It Is a community-based Integrative Medicine platform for members and practitioners interested in disease prevention and wellness through Integrative complementary approaches focused on the well-being of mind, body, and spirit. OST will allow us to tokenize the community for interactions such as peer to peer reviews,  educational webinars, tips highlighting best practices, the introduction of complementary goods and services within a  robust community sharing reviews, “light likes” and  “light rewards” all while growing and benefiting the community experience. We decided to register for OSTA3 because we believe LWMD network partnered with OST ease of tokenization for business’ will provide broader access of information, resources, and services to an Integrative community that offers services largely uncovered by traditional healthcare insurances. 
 I Never knew OSTA3 would be helping me along my therapy path but heck I’ll take it. If you happen to be struggling with imposter syndrome here are a few recommended  tips for surviving it all:
Tip 1: Start training yourself to veer away from external validation. No one should have more power to make you feel good about yourself than you!!! Tip2: Owning and celebrating achievements is essential if you want to avoid burnout, find contentment, and cultivate self-confidence. In that Spirit let me Celebrate our deep dive into week two of OSTA3:
1. We began this week planning our LWMD economy setting up our conversion rate, defining some actions and minting our tokens 2. We made some great strides in building out our website with the help of WIx. We are continuing to work on its basic functionality to be successful with the integrations of the specific functions and functionality of the wallet rolling out this week. 3. As mentioned in my first update RestfulAPI and coding were certainly going to be a challenge for our team. We put out a call to the community for help and received a quick response for assistance and collaboration without hesitation! A true testament to the dedication of the Ostonians…..Thanks Adam!!!  4. As we are building a community network outreach will continue to be part of our major focus. We will be increasing our blog and social media posts as well as reaching out to colleagues to discuss our community platform. It is predicted that healthcare will be one of the major industries disrupted by blockchain but still has little awareness in the healthcare community.  We are excited to share with others a POC that brings awareness to blockchain and tokenization that may help solve some of our issues of access to preventative healthcare.  If you are an Integrative Medicine specialist or have goods and services that support health and well-being please leave a comment/link to your site below we would love to hear more about what you are doing.

Suffering from Imposter Syndrome? You’re not alone!  journey with me as I navigate through mine with OST’s alpha 3 Blockchain POC challenge. Imposter Syndrome test;5 Types of Imposter Syndrome and how to beat them;OSTA3 challenge;
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