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Committed to Quality

If you are like most in the Wellness space you have a few things you do really well. Thankfully, it keeps your loyal coming back again and again. But maybe there is that one thing that sets you apart? That promotion or great special you’d love to spread the word about. Well, that’s exactly what we would love to help you with by way of an Awesome Introduction! We’ll leave the rest up to you.

Exceeding Expectations

We do whatever it takes to put the Awesomeness in the introduction. We strive to introduce that personal touch of your business with a media team devoted to exceeding your expectations, We aren’t quitting until we get it right!

Why A Wellness Tech Magazine?

My name is Dr. Faith Whittier Board Certified Ob-Gyn fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine. Passionate! about Wellness of Mind, Body, and Spirit. We are launching one of the first digital Integrative Wellness Tech Magazines.

My Story

Lighting A Path Of Wellness On The Blockchain

Here is what to expect

Workout in Houston where Fitness and Hospitality co-exist

Oh Kale Yeah” Houston’s Hidden Vegan Gem

Meditate with your child today bring peace to their world tomorrow

Where to find the best of the best Wild Caught Salmon

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