Blockchain Technology Could It Restore A Sense Of Safety and Relaxation For Future Travelers?

Blockchain Technology Could It Restore A Sense Of Safety and Relaxation For Future Travelers?

The headlines have been frightening tourist in the Dominican Republic most on dream vacations never returning home, harder to imagine any worst nightmare. Making this tragedy more alarming is the simple fact that no one knows why a trip to paradise is ending in multiple unexplained deaths leaving relatives back home grief-stricken, horrified and without answers. The FBI has launched its own investigation into this tragedy and the Hard Rock Cafe where two tourists died has decided to do something ending the age-old tradition of many who toast in the room to celebrate what are supposed to be “memories made for a lifetime” by removing all minibar dispensers from their guest rooms.

All logical responses to a tragedy and a mystery that has left all of us with so many unanswered questions. First, there was the theory put forth that these might be the result of unfortunate circumstances and possibly death by mere  “natural causes”. But with a couple found dead presumably of the same ill fate on top of a rising number of deaths this was no longer a plausible explanation and certainly not one we could trust. So the journey begins to find answers with two countries involved in a full-on investigation we can be sure the process will be lengthy, countless interviews, food and beverage samplings, inquiries regarding food preparation and storage, tracking shipment and suppliers, tissue sampling, toxicology, and autopsies. Yes, it will take time and be an investigation spanning the expertise of many. Meanwhile, until we have those answers there will undoubtedly be a dark cloud looming over the island of paradise leaving vacationers nervous and finding mere relaxation under the palm trees  a bit of a challenge.

While we await exact answeres we can ponder some possible theories such as tainted food and beverages. Bringing us to take a glimpse into the future of technology with solutions offered that might make such a scenario less likely. Blockchain technology is the future tech destined to revolutionize our Supply Chain Industry with the goal of adding safety and security to end consumers. In the near future, we will be able using our smartphones to obtain detailed information from the Blockchain about the exact journey of the food products and beverages we consume, detailing the stops and processes applied to these goods along the way. Think how valuable such a tool would be today to investigators scrambling to find answers in the Dominican Republic.

Blockchain companies are forging ahead to bring this technology to our doorstep. One such company is Ambrosus with the mission to “Set the global standard for decentralized supply chain management” Their goal optimizing supply chains globally by offering secure, reliable and real-time sensors to Blockchain data. Information exchanges that will help facilitate efficiency and safety from the assembly line to the distributor and finally to the end consumer. They are also developing encrypted anti-tampering mechanisms tagging customer products with a unique and immutable digital identity to prevent counterfeiting and tampering. Hopefully, making that bottle from the minibar on your next destination to paradise a much safer proposition. Walmart is another company getting out in front in terms of food safety. By partnering with IBM using their Blockchain technology. Will begin requiring suppliers of their goods such as leafy greens and tomatoes to implement food traceability via IBM Food Trust System. Allowing them to trace dangers lurking within their stores in a matter of seconds.

In the future won’t we all want this technology at our fingertips scrutinizing companies we do business with to ensure our own safety? The next time you look at an all-inclusive resort it might not just be the activities and amenities you’re scrutinizing but the safety too. Resorts might find consumers asking more questions like are they partnering with companies using Blockchain technology to ensure the quality and safety of the goods they are served? I think that might be a question we’ll all want answered before booking our future destinations in paradise.

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Faith M. Whittier M.D.

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