Are Baby Boomer’s Expectations Living Life To The Max Giving Medicine A Push Into The Digital Age?

Are Baby Boomer’s Expectations Living Life To The Max Giving Medicine A Push Into The Digital Age?

Are baby boomer’s expectations for living life to the fullest giving Medicine a push into the digital age? Find out how some Blockchain and Virtual companies just might be banking on that. – Faith M. Whittier M.D.

Midlife brings about change, quite frankly it’s all about change. A  positive attitude can go a long way to keeping those changes on the fortunate side but undoubtedly they’ll certainly be a few unfortunate ones sprinkled in there too. But it’s how we manage and cope with change that really counts. Some secrets to managing and coping are definitely tied to expectations. Not just our own expectations but the well-intentioned expectations of those around us too. We could get lost in the science and the details of  the power of expectation to bias our behavior both positively and negatively The Power Of Expectation Bias but instead,we can just begin by recognizing and embracing its ability to motivate,inspire our wants, dreams and desires.

So you’re 60 and hopping on your Harley for a daily spin. It’s just what you do, any questions? Well, of course, there’s been, but that’s never stopped you, Tragically, what did stop you was the unfortunate fall you had that broke your hip and fractured your femur leaving you hospitalized two weeks with a liver laceration. After the fall and the get well wishes began to fade the inevitable ” I told you so’s” followed like clockwork, you expected the naysayers there are always a few lurking and ready to prance with the obvious rhetorical questions “Is a Harley a good idea at 60?” You understand they mean well but you’re just as stubborn and determined as you’ve always been,  after all, you know how hard you have fought to get to this place of “freedom” that is, where your living life on your terms, unencumbered, living it on the edge at times, and loving every breathtaking moment!

So quite frankly, you’re holding tight, you’ve got your heels dug in not blinking an eye and certainly not swayed by the doubters. Your mind is super fit, you’re just waiting for that body to catch back up. Yes, you guessed it, those expectations both that you’ll ride again, and that you’ll find the right team to help you get it done. G60 Trauma.Org founded by Dr. Alicia Mangram in Phoenix, Arizona is definitely that team they are flipping the script when it comes to treating trauma in the Midlife crowd. No kid gloves there, no routine discharge nursing home care and certainly no suboptimal expectations that you can’t get out there full throttle again. Their plan is to help you get back to doing you! That’s right back on that Harley riding into the sunset, they didn’t think you were expecting anything less.

The virtual world, for the most part, has been openly embraced. We have no issues when it comes to a virtual enhancement of our life pleasures. But could it have some real-life benefits especially in the realm of medicine. Virtual Healthcare is making an entrance to the homes of many embracing this new technology. And is changing the script for some headed home from the hospital after a trauma. These folks go home with a lot more than a traditional discharge packet with prescriptions, rehab appointments and postop visits but with a Virtual Medical Assistant included in the plan to help make sure it all gets done.

 G60 and Same Day Security Inc have formed a partnership to see how the virtual world just might make an entrance into Healthcare and the lives of those baby boomers headed home on the mend. Addison, a virtual assistant designed by electronic caregiver a subdivision of Same-Day Security. Is your virtual get well caregiver discharged with you she recognizes your face through facial recognition, takes your vitals, reminds you to take your meds and walks you through those rehab exercises you just might have been inclined to blow off, had she not been right in your ear. A “caregiver buddy” of sorts with an added bit of cheerleader quality spurring you along the way working in tandem with that team having the full expectation that you’ll be back on your feet in no time living life as you’ve planned!

Blockchain for those of you following along is racing full speed ahead making advances and headway in solving some of Medicine’s pain points it might be no surprise that baby boomers knowingly or unknowingly might be some of the first jumping on board this new technology. Baby Boomers represent 76 million of the population born between 1946 and 1964 during the post World War II baby boom. They are by definition modern day disruptors changing the face of traditional retirement seeking healthcare services long after their parents or grandparents ever thought possible.  Access to healthcare on this magnitude certainly will require more effective ways of maintaining healthcare coordination and Blockchain is paving the way with companies such as Patientory Inc. allowing patients, clinics and healthcare organizations to access, store and transfer information improving on current care coordination patient safety and security.

Social networking just might be another place Boomers are looking for a little ease of use and less noise. If your left scratching your head wondering about social networking and healthcare then consider LinkedIn with over 1.5 million healthcare professionals and a go-to social networking place for baby boomers 53 0f The Most Interesting Facts About Baby Boomers . Understanding cutting out some of the noise with current social media and ease of use is exactly what companies like know will be important for true mass adoption of Blockchain technology especially when appealing to those 76million boomers that weren’t born on the web. Jason Golberg CEO  OST and founder of Pepo a new social web 3.0 app introduced at  Devcon5 conference in Osaka, Japan an Annual gathering held by the Ethereum foundation. States Pepo is all about designing a product around “noise reduction” an app designed with ease of the user experience at the forefront connecting human experiences through video and tokenization. Ultimately, with a goal in mind of solving the problem of “user relevancy” that is helping users find more relevant information and connecting them with the right desired people all while doing it with a little less noise and a whole lot of ease. An app Boomers certainly might find user-friendly and maybe one of the first to see the utility for social networking.

I’m sure whether your a Boomer or not you have your own opinion to all this digital new age stuff maybe a bit skeptical, perhaps a little disbelief or you might be on the opposite end with a completely open mind. Regardless, what we do know is the modern day midlifers are probably not the ones looking for the next best rocking chair or the ones willing to settle for anything less than full throttle, understanding their drive for fitness, vitality and overall wellbeing into their later years just might be a catalyst and a driving force bringing Medicine into the virtual digital age, long after their ride is over and their expectations have faded.

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Photos Courtesy Unsplash- Andre Francois, Jove Duero, Johnny Cohen, Colton Kresser Brett Jurdon

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