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I’m Dr. Faith Whittier a Board Certified Ob-Gyn and Fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine. I am passionate about Integrative Women’s health and am constantly pursuing ways to improve how I deliver care in the shambles of our current healthcare system. I try at times to look at life like an amusement park giving myself permission to ride more than one ride. This certainly helps my sanity and mitigate the burnout so many of us feel, in this struggling system. With that adventurous spirit, I took an interest in blockchain technology basically becoming pretty hooked, continuing to educate myself in the space.

One thing unites all: Our Mission

I do believe blockchain has the potential to disrupt many of the industries that we interact with on a daily basis. Banking, Healthcare, Travel, Supply Chain Management to name a few, ALL will eventually be disrupted by blockchain. It is thought that one day all of us knowingly or unknowingly will be impacted by this growing technology. I have tried the “wait and see” thing with Web 1.0 and the internet launch continuing that passive approach with Web 2.0 witnessing an avalanche of social media, let me just say it did not turn out well, so I have decided to take a different approach for Web 3.0 and Blockchain.  Taking a dip in the shallow waters of this technology as it is still new and early being proactive, comfortably familiarizing myself before it becomes a Tsunami.

Following, the latest news especially about how healthcare might be impacted including Blockchain platforms that support the entire lifecycle of a patients EMR or patient enabled IoT- medical equipment. Also, fascinated with corporate maneuvers like Walmart, IBM and Pfizer producing successful food safety and medical tracking models in blockchain or Amazon being granted a patent that would enable users to receive real-time cryptocurrency transactions data. All these corporations are razor focused paying careful attention to this new technology and positioning themselves accordingly. Leading me to believe that this technology is here to stay and if their paying attention can we afford not to?

Please join me in sharing, educating and commenting on what just might be the next technological boom!

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